About us

About us

A new way to enable the next generation of startups & investment opportunities

We partner with product founders to come up with the most revolutionary and quality products. We help them to improve customers’ lives with agile and flexible solutions to their everyday problems.

Crafting products out of dreams

The formula of delivering products is pretty simple at Ultra: it’s a place where talent meets care and discipline.

  • Research

    Before we suggest solutions, we start by defining the problem. The first step of our product development lifecycle is researching the issues.

  • Ideate

    Ideas are the precursor to any great solution. The brighter the options, the better the end results.

  • Build

    As we build out the product, a constantly evolving tech industry requires us to be adaptable and inventive. We evolve alongside every product.

  • Scale

    If a product is not scalable, it won’t work. We make sure to create solid solutions that are flexible enough to scale.

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Our values

While there are many cornerstones of our philosophy, transparency is our foundation. We believe in creating equal opportunities for everyone and ensuring every team member is heard and feels valued. We encourage open and honest communication and work to build trust between all team members.

  • Equality


    No one is a know-it-all. We learn together, fail together and more often than not, succeed together.

  • Quality


    Better to go slow in the right direction, than to speed up in the wrong one. We’re not after speed, we’re after quality.

  • Problem-solving


    The easiest way to get over a problem is to just solve it. That’s what we do for our people, day in and day out.

  • Customer care

    Customer care

    We treat our clients like they're our own family because we believe in the power of positive relationships and trust.

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